Getting Daylilies To You
All our daylilies are field grown here in Shropshire. Upon receiving your order, your daylilies will be freshly dug and speedily shipped to you. While it is the custom of other nurseries, because of plant weight and thus, the cost of postage, to send juvenile plants, we promise to sell our customers large, mature plants which can be expected to quickly settle into your garden with a head start on growing into clumps of eye-catching blossoms.

We do charge 3.50 per plant, £4.50 for two to cover the costs of handling and shipping. But if you order 3 or more daylilies the cost of shipping will be only 6.00

     Because we are a small specialised nursery, some of the varieties we offer are in limited supply each year. Since we must maintain a dependable inventory of "mother plants", demand can deplete the supply of individual varieties we can dig and ship to our customers. Since it is our intention to introduce as many UK gardeners as possible to the underappreciated attributes of daylilies, we make every effort to fill the orders we receive - employing the "first come first serve" principle each growing year.
     We will deliver to you daylily plants ready to become worthy members of your garden but understandably, since we cannot oversee their planting and maintenance, we cannot guarantee their performance in your garden. Our plants have demonstrated their diligent willingness to flourish within Britain, the magnitude of their success in your garden will depend, of course, on your affording them the basic rights of good gardening care. We are confident that once familiar with daylilies, you very likely will become smitten.

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